How to Start a Scrunchie Business? 2024 (Plan, Ideas, Steps) Guide

Are you passionate about fashion and looking to start your own business in the hair accessories field? Are you planning to start a scrunchie business?

Good! You are in the right place to learn.

The global hair scrunchie market is rising as fashion trends increase.

global hair scrunchie market

The market was valued at US$2.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$4.2 billion by the end of 2031, with a growing CAGR of 5.9% from 2023 to 2031. Source

This guide includes essential steps (market research, different business models, sourcing material, branding, production, packaging, marketing, selling, etc.), read and learn.

The year 2024 is the right time to get into the world of the scrunchie business.

So, if you want to get started, let’s dive into the steps.

Is Scrunchie Business Profitable?

The scrunchie business is profitable, considering its growth potential and current market trend, as you can see in the Google trend infographics here. The trend is stable.

scrunchie trends- google trend

Suppose you are a housewife, a student, or just a person who wants to start a startup. So, the business of making scrunchies can be profitable for you.

The business does not require special skills, but you should have the basic scrunchie-making process, managing business, packaging and marketing skills.

Important is:

  • Proper market research
  • Planning
  • A unique strategy
  • A strong focus on product quality

With a good team, you can easily scale your business.

When starting a scrunchie business, you should consider both pros and cons. The given basic points can help you to make your decision better.


  • High market demand
  • Low entry barrier
  • Niche market
  • Good profit potential
  • Started from home
  • Low inventory required
  • Easy to sell online


  • Competition can be high
  • Low-profit margins
  • Supply chain issues
  • Time commitment

How To Start A Scrunchie Business? Simple Steps

scrunchie business

1. Best way to start a scrunchie Business

Choose a business model to start; there are four main ideas (manufacturing, wholesale, retail store, and e-commerce or online store).

Making a scrunchie and setting up a wholesale line can be profitable if you are looking to start with large production and distribution operations.

However, the other two ideas are for small-scale operations; you can set up an online or offline retail store.

Choose the business model best suited to your goals, budget, and market (competition, demand, resources, and skills).

Business Model 1: Manufacturing

The concept of a manufacturing scrunchie is to produce scrunchie in large quantities and sell them to other businesses at wholesale prices.

To set up a manufacturing line, the requirements you need (raw material, equipment, sewing machine, and some basic sewing tools). 

Making a scrunchie requires proper sewing skills, knowledge of different types of fabric, and designing skills. 

If you want to manufacture and sell scrunchies, the advantages are (good profit margin, creativity freedom, and the ability to sell in bulk to wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers). 

Still, there are some disadvantages; the startup cost can be significantly high (for buying machinery and raw materials and hiring staff for production). 

Business Model 2: Wholesale

The wholesale business model is buying products from manufacturers at a wholesale price and then selling them to individuals, retailers, and hair accessories stores.

The Requirements for setting up a wholesale business are a good supplier or manufacturer connection, store space for inventory, and marketing skills for selling the scrunchies. 

The advantages are a less upfront investment and no need to worry about the product quality; your supplier will be responsible for that. 

However, buy high-quality scrunchies from the manufacturer (check the quality and quantity, compare the pricing of different manufacturers, and order trending designs).

Disadvantages: Lower profit margins, limited supplier offers, and high competition. 

The basic difference:

Business modelTarget customerSourcing

-Hair accessories stores
-Online marketplaces
-Event planners
-Hair salons
-Wholesale suppliers
-Individual manufacturers

Manufacturing-All of the above
-With individual consumers
-Raw materials suppliers

Retail scrunchie store

A retail scrunchie store is a physical store where you can sell scrunchies and other hair accessories products, find a high potential location (near malls, shopping centres, high streets), and open your store.


  • To set up a retail store, you need to find a location with high visibility and accessible to your target customers.
  • Purchase inventory from wholesale suppliers or individual manufacturers, considering the quality, quantity, and pricing.
  • Set up your store by installing fixtures and displays.
  • A staff will be needed to operate the store.
  • Then, attract customers to your store through different advertising channels using (social media, word-of-mouth, and public relations are important.

Starting an Ecommerce store

Another popular way is to set up an e-commerce scrunchie store online, where customers can browse your products, select them, and place an order.

There are two best ways to set up online stores (one is to create your website, and the other is to create a store at popular online e-commerce marketplaces). 

Find the best place to set up an e-commerce store.

  • To create your e-commerce store, you can use Shopify or WooCommerce+Wordpress.
  • To create an e-commerce store, consider eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

Other requirements are purchasing inventory, setting up shipping, and marketing the store.

Selling ModelAdvantagesDisadvantages
Retail Store

-High customer engagement
-Brand recognition
-Potential for high profits
-Direct customer interaction
-High startup costs
-Time commitment
Ecommerce Store

-Low startup costs
-Global reach
-High competition
-Low customer engagement
-Shipping and fulfilment costs

2. Know your audience

know your audience

It is important to determine who your ideal customer is for buying scrunchies. Analyze potential customers and learn their needs, interests, and preferences, considering demographics.

As evidenced by stable online search volume, the scrunchie search trend is stable and evergreen with year-round demand.

To conduct market research, you can:

  • Analyze online sales reports.
  • Monitor social media
  • Review industry growth data.
  • Use Google Trends to track market trends
  • Analyze local businesses

Potential target customers are:

  • Women of all ages
  • Teenage girls
  • People with long hair
  • Athletes with long hair
  • People looking for hair accessories
  • Dance and gymnastics enthusiasts

To conduct in-depth research on the market, you can follow the given steps.

  • SWOT analysis: Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of other scrunchie businesses.
  • Demographic research: Determine the age, gender, income, education, occupation, race, location, marital status, family size, lifestyle, and interests of your target customers.
  • Identifying the target consumer: Scrunchie demand is high among women, girls, students, and fashion-conscious individuals. You can analyze social media and other sources to learn more about your target customers.
  • Know the market competition: Understand the market competition by identifying your competitors and analyzing their scrunchies, price, and product quality.
  • Product research: Know the Scrunchie manufacturing process, raw materials, fabric, equipment, cost, packaging, distribution method, and other relevant factors.

3. Write a scrunchie Business Plan


As other businesses require a plan, in the same way, to start a scrunchie business, you need to create a plan, which is an important step.

To create a plan, add the complete details of your business goal, action plan, strategy, how much initial investment is needed, marketing plan, and other considerations.

A thoroughly researched plan for your business can help you reach the target and succeed.

A plan should include the given points:

  • Business Summary: Write a detailed overview of the target market, goals, production, and overall operational plan.
  • Research: Gather all the essential information about the hair accessories industry, target market, and competition.
  • Define your business: Define your unique selling proposition, focusing on product type, target market, quality, and material.
  • Business model: Can be wholesale, manufacturing, retail, or e-commerce store. 
  • Marketing plan: Outline your marketing strategy – social media marketing, website, paid advertising, word-of-mouth, etc).
  • Financial plan: Estimate the startup cost, fundraising plan, profit statements, ongoing cost, and revenue. 

Find templates online for more information about business plan writing. Explore different sources online, such as small business administration and Bplans.

4. Setup a Manufacturing Process

Making a scrunchie is simple; you can make it by hand with a sewing machine. Business requires a large production process, so it is important to consider a sewing machine. 

Let’s discuss the process and requirements.

#Step 1: Learn how to make scrunchies

To learn scrunchie making, you can:

  • Watch online tutorials: YouTube, Pinterest, Craftsy, Skillshare, etc. 
  • Take a sewing class: The classes can be free or paid.
  • Attend a craft fair or workshop.
  • Read books and magazines.

The great way is to learn yourself and get hands-on experience; practice is important to improve productivity.

#Step 2: Set up a manufacturing space

Setting up a scrunchie business from home is a good option, but renting or buying a commercial space is better.

When you consider a location, you must check the facilities (electricity, transportation, proper manufacturing space, and workforce) that should be available.

Different business models, such as manufacturing and wholesale, may have different location requirements, so always focus on those things.

#Step 3: Purchase equipment and raw materials

There are wide varieties of scrunchies, and the making process remains the same, but the design and fabric used differ.

You can make all kinds of scrunchies and sell them according to customer demand.

Equipment and raw materials are needed to make scrunchies:

  • Buy different types of fabric: Cotton, Fleece, Rayon, Silk, Velvet, etc.
  • Material: Elastic bands, thread.
  • Equipment: Scale, Loop Turner, Tape measure, Fabric scissors, and Needles.
  • Machine: A Sewing machine

You can purchase the equipment and raw materials online or at local craft stores.

  • Online store: Amazon, Etsy, Michaels, Joann Fabrics.
  • For raw material:, Mood Fabric, Spandex World.
  • Sewing machine Brands: Singer, Brother, Janome, etc.

Before buying anything, research their pricing, compare prices, read reviews, check buyer comments, and ask for recommendations.

Sewing Machine

Scrunchie Fabric

Cutting Table

#Step 4: Make scrunchies

  1. The scrunchie-making process is very easy.
  2. First, cut the fabric into strips of the desired size.
  3. Then, sew the strips together to form a tube.
  4. Insert an elastic band into the tube and sew the ends together.
  5. Trim any excess fabric or elastic.

Watch the video to learn the making process;

#Step 5: Package and label your product

To successfully market the product, it must be well packaged. So, once your scrunchies are made, you must package and label them for sale.

When packaging the scrunchies, include your logo, website details, email, social media ID, and a brief product description.

For packaging, you can use bags or boxes.

Packaging material

  • Visiting cards
  • Stamps
  • Boxes
  • Stickers

5. How much does it cost to start a scrunchie Business?

It is easy to calculate the startup cost of the scrunchie business; it does not require much investment, and you can start it from home with less budget.

Starting the business required around $1,000-$2,000 on average, including raw materials, equipment and tool costs, machines, online presence, website setup, etc. 

  • Raw materials: $50-$100
  • Equipment and tools: $200-$300
  • Sewing machine cost: $200-$500)
  • Online presence: Website setup, domain name, hosting fees, etc. ($50-$100)
  • Other costs: Marketing and advertising, packaging, shipping cost ($100-$200)

6. Develop A Marketing Strategy

Create an effective marketing strategy to promote your scrunchie business in the competitive fashion accessories industry.

Some of the most popular marketing methods are:

  • Create a website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media accounts
  • Online advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Collaborate with influencers

By following those marketing methods, you can easily promote your scrunchies.

7. Create a website for your business

create a website

To set up a professional website, you will need some important requirements.

Step 1: Buy a domain name:

  • Having a domain name is the most important part of creating a website.
  • Domain name is the address of the website; choose a unique name.
  • Register your domain with the best domain name registrar, or
  • The price is around $8-$10.

Step 2: Buy Hosting:

  • Once you buy a domain, buy good hosting, which gives you good server speed and an affordable price.
  • Choose a hosting service according to your needs (shared, cloud, or VPS hosting).
  • The most popular hosting companies are BlueHost, Hostinger, SiteGround, etc.

Step 3: Set up your website:

  • Set up yourself; if you have the skills to develop a website, on the other hand, hire a web developer or freelancer.
  • Add all information to your website (contact information, product details, pricing, etc).

Step 4: Create essential pages:

  • Next, create an essential page for your website, such as an about us page, contact us page, disclaimer, privacy policy, and term page.

Step 5: Promote your website:

  • To promote your store, optimize your website for search engines (SEO), use social media marketing, content marketing (publishing blog posts), etc.

8. How To Sell Scrunchie Online?

The concept of selling products online is to reach a wider audience of potential customers.

Key benefits of online selling:

  • Wide reach
  • Low cost
  • Greater flexibility
  • More control
  • Ability to expand
  • Easy to track customer data

Setting up an online sales strategy enables you to tap into the global marketplace, whether you want to sell through your online store or an E-commerce platfrom.

Selling scrunchies online requires a proper strategic approach and an understanding of online selling and the target market.

Let’s follow the steps.

Step 1. Understand Your Target Customer

First of all, understand your target market. 

Who are you selling your scrunchies to? 

Are they teenagers, young adults, or fashion-conscious women? 

Once you know your target customer, that helps to create a marketing and branding strategy accordingly.

Step 2. Choose the Best Online Platform to Sell

For selling scrunchies online, many different platforms are available, such as Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, and Flipkart (India). 

Consider your budget, target market, and product when choosing a platform.

Step 3. Create a User-Friendly Website or Online Store

After selecting a platform, create a user or SEO-friendly website. 

Your website or online store should be easy to navigate and visually appealing. 

Write a clear description of your products, and add high-quality photos, pricing, features, and buying options. 

Step 4. Promote Your Scrunchies

There are many ways to promote your scrunchies online, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising.

You can also contact fashion bloggers and influencers to see if they would be interested in featuring your products with their audience.

9. How do you sell Scrunchie on Instagram?

selling on instagram

Selling your scrunchies on Instagram is the best decision.

Instagram is the perfect platform to promote your hair accessories products.

In the current scenario, most young youth (including girls) are active on Instagram and share their stories and photos.

On the way, you can also build your identity or branding, which can help you sell scrunchies on this platform.

Before starting Instagram marketing, you should learn some basic things mentioned below.

  • Create high-quality, eye-catching reals or photos.
  • Learn how to use hashtags to reach a wider audience.
  • Know all types of SEO settings
  • Share your products to attract potential buyers.
  • Learn the Instagram advertising process and strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked queries related to the scrunchie business; we mention the answers in short sentences, so check them.

What Should I Name My Scrunchie Business?

You can choose attractive, short, product-related, web-friendly, unique names such as Scrunchies Galore, miss Scrunchie, Scrunchchie Couture, Scrunchchie Love Club, Scrunchchie Collective, etc.

What Are The Different Types Of Scrunchies?

Casual, Ruffle, Cotton, Slip, Fleece, Velvet Scrunchies, etc.

How to sell Scrunchie online?

There are many ways to sell scrunchies online, including selling through online websites and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, creating your e-commerce store, etc.

How Much Does A Scrunchie Cost?

On Amazon, the price of 1 scrunchie set starts from $5 to $20. A pack holds 12 pieces, and their price can differ depending on quantity.

Is The Scrunchie Business Profitable In India?

The scrunchie business in India is profitable due to high demand and growth, but competition is increasing, and the market is saturated.

Where Can You Buy Scrunchie Wholesale?

You can buy scrunchies at wholesale prices from various sources such as online marketplaces like Alibaba, Etsy Wholesale, or Amazon Business. Also, you can directly contact manufacturers, wholesalers, or distributors.

How Can You Find the Right Supplier for Scrunchie Supplies?

To find the right supplier for scrunchie supplies, search online directories, attend trade shows, network with industry professionals, and compare pricing, quality, and shipping policies from different suppliers before deciding.

How Much Does the Average Scrunchie Wholesale Cost?

The cost of scrunchies wholesale can vary depending on the material, design, and quantity purchased. The average cost per piece can range from $1 to 10 dollars. It’s best to compare prices from different suppliers and negotiate for discounts to get the best deal.

How Much Should I Charge For Scrunchie?

Remember, scrunchies are relatively inexpensive, with a retail price range of $5-$15 and 6-12 per pack. Charge 2-3 times the cost of your Scrunchie to cover costs and make a profit.

Final Thought

Starting a scrunchie business is a great way to make an active or passive income source.

To successfully launch your business, you must understand the requirements, such as equipment, raw materials, packaging, a unique business name, and an online marketing strategy.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this guide, and the post has provided valuable insights for your journey. Please let us know if this information is helpful by leaving your feedback below.

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