How to Start a Body Scrub Business? 2024 Learn the Steps

Who else wants to learn – how to start a body scrub business, then our blog post tutorial can be a valuable source. We’ve included the essential steps to launch the business from scratch.

The body scrub industry is ripe with innovative businesses, and there are many inspirational startups you can explore, “Grounded Body Scrub” is one example.

We’ll discuss the steps to launch and share effective marketing ideas, product ideas, and interesting facts about the industry, so keep reading to learn them.

Body scrub business: A success story

Lloyd and Tasha are the founders of (GroundedBodyScrub) from their home kitchen.

They said when Tasha was suffering from Dry and Itchy Eczema, she tried different medicines to cure it, and first created a coffee scrub, that success inspired them to make a great product.

After that, they experimented with various oils, scents, minerals, and herbs to create their first scrub. First scrub (grapefruit coffee) – After getting feedback from family, friends, and co-workers, they planned to start this brand.

This is the way they started the company, the interesting thing is the name Grounded originates from (Nature, Coffee, Bali, and the Earth) as they experimented and made the product.

grounded body scrub details

GroundedBodyScrub company details:

  • Grounded Body Scrub: UK-based Beauty, Anti-ageing, and Body care company.
  • Specialized in: Making body, skin, and health care products.
  • Founders/Owners: Lloyd and Tasha (first product from the home kitchen).
  • Company network: Internationally, providing services to over 30 countries.
  • Sales Channel: Spas, Beauty Stores, E-commerce, Airlines, Supermarkets, etc.
  • Mail Adress:
  • Located (UK): Unit 12a, 55 Progress Road, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS9 5PR
Information from official website:

Body scrub industry overview

According to a report by, the global market size for body scrubs is forecast to reach $18.9 billion by 2025, reflecting an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1%.

In 2018, the global body scrub market’s value was USD 13.4 billion, and with the rising demand of consumers, the market is expected to reach USD 18.9 billion by 2025.

  • Scrub type: Plant-based, milk-based
  • Distribution: Supermarket, Stores, online
  • Popularity in: U.S., U.K., Germany, China, India, Brazil and South Africa.

Is the body scrub business profitable?

With the growing demand for skincare products and services, body scrubs have become popular among consumers, as the demand, beauty trends, and preferences change.

Here is the trend of the “Body Scrub” search term: Google trend data.

body scrub searches

Body scrubs are a sought-after product as people seek effective and natural ways to exfoliate their skin.

Starting a body scrub business can be less complicated than other businesses. However, you must understand many things such as production, legalities, quality, marketing, sales, etc.

Body scrub products have a good profit margin since the cost of ingredients and packaging is relatively low compared to the price at which they can be sold.

You can generate a healthy profit by offering quality products at competitive prices.

Body scrubs are products people often use regularly, which is good for repeat business.

Whether a scrub business is profitable depends on many factors, so you must research yourself and carefully consider the business ideas.

Pros and cons of the business:

  • Pros: High demand for natural products, low startup costs, good profits, easy to make, customizable, online selling potential, social media, and beauty trends.
  • Cons: Competitive market, short shelf life, marketing challenges, regulations, finding suppliers, may not get sales in initial days.

How to start a body scrub business? Steps

body scrub business

1. Learn – How to make body scrubs to sell

Making body scrubs requires knowledge of ingredients and expertise in beauty products. The primary ingredients are oil, Sugar, Fragrance, Essential Oil, and Colours.

You can read a book and follow YouTube tutorials to learn the making process. Training can be a preferable option for better learning about scrub making.

Most importantly, it is necessary to follow the rules and regulations to make or sell a healthcare product, and proper certification and legal permits will also be required.

What is body scrub?

Before making, learn the basics.

Body scrubs are useful for skincare routines, as they effectively remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

In body scrub, various types of abrasive particles, sugar, salt, oil, coffee, and cream are included, which help to care for and moisturize the skin.

Different ideas of body scrubs and their benefits:

  • Sugar scrubs: Gentle exfoliation, Moisturizing
  • Lavender scrubs: Relaxation, Reduce Body Stress
  • Coconut scrub: Naturally moisturizing and exfoliating.
  • Coffee scrubs: Cellulite reduction, antioxidant
  • Herbal scrubs: Nourishment, Relaxation
  • Salt scrubs: Exfoliation, circulation, Moisturizing
  • Clay scrubs: Detoxification, cleansing

These are some ideas for body scrubs, the making process is similar but ingredients can be different to provide a specific flavor.

Body scrub-making basics

  • Exfoliant: Sugar, salt, coffee grounds, oatmeal (gentle).
  • Liquid: Oil (olive, coconut, jojoba for oily skin).
  • Extras: Honey, lemon juice (brightening), essential oils (scent).
  • Mix 2:1 ratio (exfoliant: oil).
  • Gently massage in circles, rinse, and moisturize.

Learn the Making Process

Body scrubs are part of spa treatment or skincare, and they improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

With the necessary ingredients and following a basic recipe process you can make a body scrub at home, here are a few steps.

  • Choose the ingredients
  • Choose different exfoliants
  • Ready the carrier oil
  • Essential oil (fragrance)
  • Add herbs like material (for specific problems)
  • You can add color (for appearance)

Once the basic ingredients are ready then next the making steps:

  • Put your exfoliant in a bowl
  • Add the chosen carrier oil to this.
  • Stir the ingredients together.
  • Add essential oil and other materials.
  • Mix the scrub again properly.
  • Once ready, pack them for sale.

You can learn from ( blog, they explained the process with infographics.

2. Define your target market

The scrub is a beauty product mostly used by people of all ages. It is also available in all stores, such as beauty, skincare, online, supermarket, etc.

There is a lot of demand for scrub products in the market. A clear understanding of the target market and products according to customer demand is essential for selling them.

Before making the scrub for selling, research and identify your customer base.

The body scrub is one of the best-selling items in the beauty category. Before starting, research the market to know the scrub demand, customer trends, competition, and the gap of opportunity in the market.

When conducting research, check the past year’s sales report of body scrubs, the trend of the product, and the growth opportunity to get an idea of the industry.

  • Primary: Women (your main target customer)
  • Secondary: Men (growing demand), people looking for skin care products.

The target audience varies depending on age, location, and beauty culture.

3. Write a body scrub business plan

A thoroughly researched business plan for your business can help fulfill the goals and targets. Your passion for making and selling body scrubs will be a way to turn into a brand company.

But, for a successful startup, a business plan is a road map to make these steps easier. So, create a well-documented plan outlining all the essentials.

  • Define the product
  • Production plan
  • Buying supplies
  • Business structure
  • Budget planning
  • Legal formalities
  • Marketing and sales

In this way, you can outline your overall operation and create a plan document, that sets you on the right track for success. Your research, strategy, and competitive product will give the result.

4. Build a brand identity – business name

When you start, create a business name, that is primary for branding, that is the way customers will know about your product, and recognize your body scrub as a brand.

Branding elements include your business name, logo, tagline, story, website, online presence, social media connections, product packaging, etc.

branding elements

Choose a unique, attractive, short, easy-to-remember name that reflects your product category properly. Analyze and find the best name.

  • Use the business name generator tool, to get some ideas.
  • Don’t use numbers, underscores, hyphens, and symbols in a name.
  • Also, attention should be paid to finding a web-friendly and memorable name.

A domain similar to the business name should be available for online presence.

domain names
  • Register a domain: Address to access a website online.
  • Domain name: Choose a similar to the product name (body scrub)
  • Domain extension: (.com, .net, .org, .co, .us.)
  • Where to buy: You can buy from Namecheap, Hostinger, or Goddaddy.

You can get some ideas of business names by looking at other brands online. Some brands are Tree Hut, First Aid Beauty, Frank Body, Groundedbodyscrub, etc.

5. Prepare funds to get started

Self-funding is the best idea if you want to start a business from home. Start from a small scale to minimize the risk factors, and learn regularly to grow your business.

Funds are required to buy ingredients, packaging material, marketing, website, and other necessary supplies.

Other funding options include arranging from friends, family, and relatives, applying for a small business loan, crowdfunding, and a Small Business Administration loan.

Carefully calculate all expenses, research yourself, and check those funding options.

6. Gather supplies and ingredients

Once everything is ready, gather the necessary ingredients, supplies, packaging material, and equipment. Depending on the scrub the ingredients will be required.

  • Base (oil, butter),
  • Exfoliant (sugar, salt, etc.),
  • Moisturizer (aloe vera, etc.),
  • Optional (fragrance, clay, botanicals).
  • Package it in containers (jars, tins) and labels.
  • Mixing tools, measuring tools, safety gear (optional: scale).

Where can you buy those supplies?

bramble berry - for body scrub making

You can purchase those supplies from online or offline marketplaces.

  • Scrub ingredients: Health food stores, specialty beauty stores, online retailers:,,,
  • Packaging: Online retailers (,, craft stores (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby)
  • Labels: Print yourself or order custom (,
  • Other supplies: Kitchen supply stores (mixing tools, measuring cups), hardware stores (safety gear), and grocery stores (scale). Online – Amazon is the best place.

7. Packaging and pricing strategy

body scrub

When launching a new product, the most important things are pricing, packaging, and labeling, which are the keys to marketing and branding.

Analyze the competitor’s packaging and pricing; you should set up your pricing but initially keep the price affordable or competitive.

The pricing depends on the scrub type, fragrance in use, material, benefits, quality, demand, and market pricing. Also, create unique packaging and label your product professionally.

Pack your scrub using various packaging methods:

  • Glass jars, aluminum tins, and paper tubes (all recyclable/reusable).
  • Mesh pouches (for loofah scrubs), silicone tubes (easy dispense), etc.
  • Use waterproof labels, clear instructions, and high-quality materials.

Product labeling can be important for your product branding; add your logo, sticker, company description, and product details in the packaging boxes.

8. Market your body scrubs

Marketing and promotion play a major role in a startup’s success and expansion; choosing the right marketing strategy helps to reach the target audience.

Launch your product with a unique marketing strategy to differentiate your products from competitors.

Digital marketing is a more powerful medium than traditional marketing (banner, print advertising, TV ads, etc).

  • Promote on social media: Create a profile on (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok), create content related to your products, and promote.
  • Setup a website: Build a simple website to increase your online presence, you can create sales pages and product pages to sell online.
  • Email marketing: A proven and popular marketing strategy, you can connect with your audience directly.
  • Content marketing: Create blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, and Instagram reels to increase brand awareness.

9. How to sell your body scrubs

body scrub - amazon
Image source:

Once the product is ready, the next step is selling them in the right marketplace.

You can sell by creating a website on an online Marketplace (Etsy, Shopify) or listing products on a popular e-commerce platform like (Amazon).

Depending on your understanding start marketing and selling those products locally (craft fairs, farmers markets, local shops, salons) or online (creating your website, on e-commerce sites, and on social media).

FAQs: On body scrub business

How do you sell homemade body scrubs?

Sell homemade body scrubs online (Etsy, Shopify) or locally (fairs, shops) and build a brand (social media, content).

Do you need a license to sell sugar scrubs?

Selling sugar scrubs may require a general business license but likely not a specific license, depending on your location. Get advice from legal experts – and from your local authority.

Is body scrub a good business?

Yes, it is a good business; the body scrub market is growing, but competition exists (requires effort).

Is there a market for body scrubs?

Yes, there is a market for this product. According to a report by, the global body scrub market is growing with a 5.1% CAGR and is expected to reach $18.9 billion by 2025.


If you are planning to start a body scrub business, this can be a good idea, as the beauty and scrub industry is growing, there is a lot of profitability and opportunity.

However, the market is already competitive, and many brands sell those products.

It requires proper product planning and marketing strategy to get sales and succeed. We hope the blog post helped you learn a lot. If you have any other questions, then comment.

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