How to sell depression glass (2024): in best places (Process)

Do you want to know how to sell depression glass? Where are the best places to sell them? Who is the target customer? You’re in the right place.

Do people buy depression glasses?

The answer is YES. You can find a steady market with a dedicated collector base.

If you have a collection of depression glass pieces and looking to sell them, then our detailed blog post is a helpful guide for you. You can learn the best places to sell, and the process to market them.

So if you are curious to know, Let’s jump into the details.

How to sell depression glass? process

sell depression glass

Understand your depression glass

Before selling those items, understand their characteristics. Depression glass refers to colorful, machine-made glassware produced primarily from 1929 to 1939 in the United States.

Key characteristics of Depression glass are its colors (such as green, pink, amber, blue, and clear) and intricate patterns (Cameo, Mayfair, and American Sweetheart).

Initially offered at a low cost, these attractive pieces have become a highly collectible item, with prices varying depending on rarity and condition.

Depression glass is a collectible item, it is an old glassware that people purchase for collections.


  • Individuals: People who already have depression glass sell it in online marketplaces (like eBay or Etsy), antique stores, flea markets, or auctions.
  • Antique Stores: These stores buy and sell Depression glass for resale.
  • Resellers: Some people buy depression glass and then sell it at a higher price.


  • Collectors: Depression glass fans who want to increase their collection.
  • Interior designers: These designers use depression glass to decorate their clients’ homes.
  • Everyday people: Some people buy Depression glass to use in their homes.

Check the condition of the glasses

If you have Depression glass and you want to sell it, then you will first have to find out what pattern it is and what is its market value.

You can get help with this from online resources or antique dealers.

Research the market value of those glasses, the value (price) depends on rarity, popularity, patterns, color, condition, and completeness. So it is the essential step to evaluate your product.

Factors that affect the value:

  • High value: Rare & intricate patterns, uncommon colors (like alexandrite), flawless condition, rarer pieces, and unique features.
  • Lower value: Common patterns (like Princess or Cameo), standard colors (pink, green, blue), chipped or cracked pieces, common shapes (plates, cups).

If you don’t know how to value the glass, then get expert advice to accurately valuation.

Prepare your glass to sell

depression glass

Once you have identified and valued your Depression glass, it’s time to prepare it for sale.

How quickly the glass will sell and its price will depend on how you present it (clean thoroughly, check for damage, package professionally, take quality photos for listing).

Clean your glass: Clean all pieces carefully to remove dust, dirt, and grime. You can use mid-dish soap and warm water, and avoid abrasive cleaners that could scratch the glass.

Check for damage to each piece (chips, cracks, or other damage), undamaged items can sold at higher prices, still if a piece is rare, even damaged, that can be valuable.

Capture the best, cleanest, and quality photos with multiple angles showing the entire piece, that are useful for online selling. You need those photos when listing in online marketplaces.

By following the simple steps, you can prepare your depression glass for sale.

Choose the selling platform

Each of these platforms has its own infrastructure, sales system, fees, and specifications.

Which is the ideal platform to sell your glassware depends on specific business goals, target market, and you are going to offer a shopping experience to your customers.

Best place to sell depression glass:

etsy depression glass

Online Marketplaces:

eBay and Etsy are the popular choices for selling those vintage items. You can get access to a broad audience and reach worldwide buyers online.

eBay offers auction-style listings, the price may go up if there are many buyers interested in it.

Selling on Etsy and eBay: Basic steps

  • Create a seller account
  • Set up your shop
    • Choose shop preferences, name your shop, and add items.
  • List your products
    • Upload high-quality photos from multiple angles.
    • Write titles, and descriptions, including keywords.
    • Set competitive pricing and shipping options.
  • Optimize your listings:
    • Use relevant keywords for SEO.
    • Run promotions or sales to attract buyers.
  • Manage your shop:
    • Pack the items safely, process orders, and communicate with buyers.

Specialty Websites:

Places like Ruby Lane and Replacements Ltd cater mainly to collectors of vintage items. These platforms generally attract serious customers who are willing to pay more.

Social Media and Forums:

Facebook Marketplace and collector forums can be great places to sell.

If you want to avoid seller fees. Join relevant groups and engage with potential buyers.

Local antique shops:

If you want to sell locally, you can visit antique stores, antique shows, and flea markets.

Bottom Line

Selling old depression glass can be a profitable idea to make money, whether you are a reseller, collector, or an individual who already has those items.

Before selling those items, conduct proper research, understand how to sell and ship, prepare the product with great packaging, and sell them at the right marketplace.

Requires careful planning and considerations to handle the selling process.

Hopefully, our guide is helpful and provides a valuable overview of this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is depression glass still in production?

No, the original depression glass is not in production.

Is there a market for Depression glass?

Yes, there is a market for Depression glass. You can sell those items in various marketplaces, product value may vary depending on rarity and condition

How much does depression glass sell for?

The depression glass prices vary on many factors, however, in the market, these are sold from $10-$100+.

How was depression glass made?

Depression glass was mass-produced using molds and machine-pressed techniques. If you want to learn the brief history, then check the blog post.

Where to sell glassware?

You can sell glassware at online marketplaces (eBay and Etsy) and local stores.



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