Everything You Need To Start Customizing Shoes [2024] Shoe Customization Kit

Looking for a shoe customization kit and detailed product information? This guide has everything you need to start customizing shoes.

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to give your shoes a unique look or a designer who wants to sell their custom creations, you’re in the right place.

Through this blog post, we’ll discuss the complete information about the essential equipment, material, and customization kits in detail.

If you want to learn everything on this topic and are ready to dive into the guide.

Let’s get started.

Everything You Need To Start Customizing Shoes

Everything you need to start customizing shoes

To give your custom shoes a fresh and unique look, it is essential to customize them correctly. Require some basic materials, supplies, painting materials, and tools.

These products and painting kits are suitable for daily use, and if you are new to this field, you can start with some basic supplies.

As your skills and experience improve, you will learn more about the use cases and quality of different products and be able to select the brands and products that best meet your needs.

Supplies included on this:

  • Shoe customization material
  • Cleaning supplies for shoes
  • Shoe painting essentials
  • Tools for customizing shoes
  • Supplies for stencil making
  • Safety and protective gears
  • Shoes decorative elements
  • AirBurshing shoe customization kit

1. Materials needed to customize Shoes

So, Let’s start with the material.

To customize shoes with the best quality material, you need to know all the requirements that make your customization project successful.

  • Paint
  • Preparer
  • Fabric medium
  • Leather Dye
  • Finisher

Here are the materials, their use cases, and branded products that you can consider.

ProductsUse case
PaintTo customize shoes with different colors
Leather preparer and deglazerNeeded for preparing the leather surface
Fabric MediumIt helps to make your Paint more flexible and durable
Angelus Leather DyeLeather Dye is essential in changing the color of the Leather
FinisherThe finisher protects the painted surface and gives it a durable finish


The first and most crucial component in your customization project is Paint; you can select different colors depending on your requirements and choice.

Paint is essential for adding color and artistic designs to your shoes, which create an attractive, long-lasting, and durable finish.

The most popular colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Neon colors (pink, green, yellow)
  • Pastels (mint green, baby blue, blush pink)
  • Metallics (bronze, copper, pewter)
  • Custom mixes

Buy high-quality Paint for creating long-lasting shoe designs; Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint can be a popular choice for your customization project.

Many artists mostly prefer this Paint because it provides a wide range of color selections, as well the Paint is durable and water resistant.

Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint

  • Angelus Brand Acrylic Paint
  • Starter Kit 12 1oz Leather Vinyl
  •  Works perfectly on any leather surface

Preparer and Deglazer

Before customizing the shoe, the first preparation should be to remove (dirt, oils, or dust) from the shoe’s surface.

Why Preparer and Deglazer?

  • To clean the surface of the shoe
  • Better Paint adhesion
  • Longer-lasting customization
  • Smooth finish
  • Professional look
  • True colors

Leather Preparer and Deglazer will help you remove any existing finishes on the shoe’s surface, which is always vital for better Paint adhesion.

Fabric Medium

When you plan to paint on soft fabric or canvas sneakers, a fabric medium will be needed to adhere Paint to the fabric material on a shoe properly.

Also, fabric medium helps to mix and dilute your acrylic Paint, making the fabric surface more flexible and durable, making it less likely to crack or peel.

Angules 2-Soft Fabric medium can be a good choice.

Leather Dye

For Painting leather sneakers, Leather Dye is a must-have; this dye can help change the leather color.

To provide vibrant, long-lasting color and to change the base color of your shoes, you can buy (angelus leather Dye) available in different colors, and you can use this for both new and old Leather.


A finisher is not required during the Painting process, but it becomes essential after you have completed the customization to protect the painted surface.

Angelus 4-COAT Finishers is a popular choice for shoe customization.

2-Soft Fabric Medium

Leather Preparer

4-Coat Finisher

With these materials ready, you can dive confidently into the exciting world of customizing shoes!

2. Gather essential painting kits

Next, to Paint your shoe, gather the essential shoe customization Painting kits, such as:

ProductsUse case
BrushesDifferent size brushes for Painting
PensTo draw or write on the shoes
PalletThe pallet needed to mix
Plastic jarsYou can store water or Paint

Shoe Painting kit:

  • Brushes: Brushes are most helpful in applying Paints; you can buy them in different sizes and shape (round brushes, flat, filbert brushes) (small, large, smooth); all type of paintbrushes has their own purposes.
  • Pens: Use Paint pens to draw or write on shoes, adding small details or designs.
  • Pallet: It is a flat surface for mixing Paints, and you can organize your colors like a pro.
  • Plastic jars: Containers are used to store Paint or water and can also differentiate colors in different pots.

3. Shoes cleaning supplies

Before starting to Paint, cleaning the shoe and removing dirt, grime, stains, and other particles from the shoe surface is essential to improve the customization quality.

You can arrange some supplies for cleaning, including (a shoe cleaner, preparer, soft brush, cotton pad, alcohol wipes, etc).

ProductsUse case
Shoe cleanerShoe cleaner is required to remove dirt, grime, and stains from the shoes
Leather preparer and deglazerEspecially for Leather, to remove any dirt, oil, or wax from the leather surface
Soft brushTo gently scrub the shoes
Clean clothTo wipe down the shoes

As mentioned in the given table, you can use basic cleaning, and here are additional cleaning supplies you can consider, depending on your requirements.

  • Cotton pad
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Sandpaper
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper or drop cloth

Angelus brush cleaner:

If you want to increase the lifespan of brushes, then it is essential to clean them properly after Painting; for that, you can use an Angelus brush cleaning solvent.

4. Tools required to customize the shoe

The following essential tools to customize shoes include a craft knife, Cricut set, glue gun, and heat gun.

These tools help you to improve work efficiency in cutting and decoration, and you must buy high-quality products.

ToolsUse case
Craft knife A sharp knife to cut materials for designs
Cricut set Buy a Cricut set to cut out intricate designs from leather, vinyl, and fabric.
Glue gun When you decorate the shoes using craft material (gems, charms, glitter), glue helps to attach those items properly.
Heat gun A heat gun is required for faster drying, heat transfer vinyl application, and molding.

5. Stencil-making supplies for shoes

In your shoe customization project, Stencil making and the supplies play a crucial role in customizing correctly and allowing for precise and intricate designs.

Stencil-making tools are essential to achieve professional-quality results and accurate placement of patterns and logos.

Here are some tools that simplify your designing process, help improve consistency, and enhance your overall working quality.

ProductsUse case
Mylar sheetsBuy mylar sheets to create reusable stencils
Craft knifeFor cutting designs from the mylar sheet
Cutting boardYou can protect your work surface from the craft knife
Masking tapeYou can also buy masking tape to secure the mylar sheet to the cutting board
RulerA helpful tool to measure and mark the mylar sheet
PencilA Pencil needed to trace the design onto the mylar sheet
OptionalDepending on your requirements, you can buy transfer tape and a spray adhesive.

6. Safety gloves and glasses needed

Many harmful chemicals are used in shoe customization, which harm your lungs, skin, and overall health. Hence, wearing safety kits is crucial to ensure a safe and hassle-free experience, recommended for everyone.

Safety kits Include (masks, gloves, glasses, respirators, etc.); these kits benefit both you and your business to comply with safety guidelines.

By using safety kits during customization, as an enthusiast, you can achieve quality results without any health risks.

ProductsUse case
Eye protectionBuy safety glasses to protect your eyes from dust and Paint
GlovesGloves are essential for hand protection from Paint and other chemicals.
RespiratorIt is the most crucial safety product for protecting the lungs from dust and fumes (mainly for airbrushing); also, you can use a mask for regular Painting.
Drop clothTo clean and protect work surfaces from Paint and other liquids
VentilationSetup your Painting project in a well-ventilated area, choose an environment-friendly workspace

7. Decorative shoe embellishments

To enhance the quality of your shoe customization, you can decorate the shoe with different types of shoe decorative embellishments (charms, glitter, Rhinestones, Studs, etc).

According to footwear fashion, you can follow the market trend to create more attractive designs. Decorative items are an option; you can buy them depending on your preference.

  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Beads
  • Patches
  • Rhinestones
  • Studs
  • Laces
  • Charms

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8. AirBurshing shoe customization kit

To boost your creativity and Painting efficiency, you can use Airbrushing for customizing shoes; airbrushing is a magical tool for shoe artisans.

These shoe customization kits are also a great selection to add a personal, attractive touch to your favorite sneakers or boots.

Airbrushing System Kit

  • Professional Master Airbrush 
  • Multi-Purpose Airbrushing System
  • Acrylic Paint Artist Set

Using an airbrushing kit, you can create intricate designs, gradients, and fades that are impossible to achieve with traditional hands-on Painting methods.

The best things about the airbrushing tool are that it is easy to use and inexpensive.

You can start painting by learning the basics of skills.

Still, it depends on your creativity and thinking.

Here are the basic details about Airbrushing kits, use cases, and best products.

ProductsUse case
AirbrushApply Paint to the shoes using a pressurized air stream
Air compressorIt compressed air to the airbrush
Airbrush hoseHose connect the airbrush to the air compressor
Airbrush PaintSpecially formulated Paint that is designed to be applied with an airbrush
Airbrush cleanerYou can use cleaning to prevent Paint from clogging

Cake stand -spinning: When customizing shoes, a cake stand will be needed.

Safety mask or respirator: You must wear a safety mask to protect your lungs from paint fumes.

Eye protection: Wearing an eye protector helps to protect your eyes from Paint and other debris.

Gloves (nitrile gloves): Use gloves for hand safety.

Ventilation: Set up your workspace in a well-ventilated area for airbrushing.

If you want a practical or visual guide about shoe customization supplies, watch the video created by “SneakerQueens.” She is a popular YouTuber and shoe artist.

Skills for shoe customization

First, learn the skills, techniques, materials, tools, and basic understanding of shoe customization; you can learn by self-practice, following YouTube videos, participating in hands-on training programs, etc.

  • Good understanding of the color combination
  • Should have creative thinking to create unique designs
  • Learn about painting and color blending to create unique shades.
  • Practice for creating new designs and sketches
  • Know how to prepare the surface of the shoe before Painting
  • Brushwork techniques are essential to Painting properly

Learning a new skill requires hard work and time, so keep patience.

You can follow the steps to learn from the basics because customizing a shoe is not a simple task; it requires patience, creativity, and practice.

Watch the given video to learn more.

Note: Before diving into customization, remember: safety first! Use a safety kit such as a mask, gloves, and respirator (for AirBrushing), and keep precautions in mind for a worry-free shoe makeover.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What supplies do you need to customize shoes?

To customize the shoe, the supplies needed include Paint, leather preparer, fabric medium, finisher, cleaning supplies, craft knife, heat gun, Stencil, and safety or protective gear.

Do custom shoes make money?

Yes, by customizing shoes, you can make thousands of dollars.

Can you customize your own shoes?

You can customize your shoes using basic shoe customization supplies, materials, and tools.

How do you become a sneaker customizer?

To become a shoe customizer, you need to learn customization skills and develop a good understanding of supplies and materials selection. Your practice and patience are essential as well.

What is the best shoe customizing paint?

The best shoe customization Paint is Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint, Createx Colors Airbrush Paint, Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint, FolkArt Acrylic Paint, etc.

Final thought

Hopefully, these materials and equipment are enough for customizing a pair of shoes.

Still depends on your requirements and needs (whether you are customizing shoes for personal use or a business).

Therefore, before buying any materials, understand the shoe customizing process, learn about material selection, get export guidance, and decide to purchase.

Still, If you have any other doubts or queries related to the shoe customization kit, you can comment to us, and we will try to reply as soon as possible.


The information is provided for only learning purposes. It is not intended as personal advice or a recommendation to buy or sell anything. Before making any purchasing decision, it is important to do your research and seek professional guidance if needed.



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