Grillz Making Equipment: Everything You Need To Make Gold Teeth And Grills [2024]

Gold teeth, also known as ‘grills’ or ‘grillz,’ have been a popular fashionable trend.

Many individuals decorate their teeth with gold teeth or gold grills to express their style and personality.

Whether you are a dental professional, an aspiring jewelry artist, or a crafting enthusiast, this blog post is tailored to your needs.

First, learn about grillz-making, equipment, starter kits, and a basic buying guide.

Today, in this post, you will learn about the basic equipment, tools, supplies, and machinery for making gold teeth and essential information about them.

We’ll cover the basic functions and use of that equipment so that you can gain a better understanding before purchasing any products.

We hope that you will be able to make an informed decision when starting a venture in the gold teeth industry or when buying the equipment for it.

If you’re considering gold teeth-making equipment, start with the basics. First, you need to learn about its functions and properties before making a purchase.

We recommend consulting a professional and obtaining proper training before making any purchases. This guide provides a basic overview of equipment, supplies, and tools.

Difference between grillz or gold teeth

grill and gold teeth

Do you know what the difference between gold teeth and grillz is? Both are the same but different in material, cost, appearance, popularity, attachment, etc.

Here is the essential equipment that is needed for making them.

FeatureGold teethGrillz
MaterialGoldGold, silver, platinum, or other metals
AttachmentPermanently attached to the teethSnap-on or removable
CostMore expensiveLess expensive
DurabilityMore durableLess durable
MaintenanceRequires more maintenanceRequires less maintenance
AppearanceMore naturalMore flashy
PopularityLess popularMore Popular

Equipment needed to make gold teeth.

grillz and gold teeth making equipment

So, you are curious to know what equipment, machinery, and materials are used for making gold teeth.

Creating perfect gold grillz is both a combination of art and science and requires proper skills to do the process safely and efficiently.

When you go to purchase gold teeth equipment, some basic equipment is needed (such as casting, molding, and polishing material), all of which are listed below.

Here is the basic equipment:

  • Dental impression kit
  • Dental cement mix
  • Jewelry wax sheets
  • Wax-cutting tool kit
  • Heat gun
  • Mold release spray
  • Melting furnace
  • Burnout oven
  • Rotary drill
  • Polishing equipment

1. Dental impression kit

dental impression kit

A dental impression kit is a collection of materials used by dental professionals to create precise molds based on impressions of a patient’s teeth and oral structures.

It is an essential impression kit for dental procedures (fabrication of crowns, bridges, dentures, orthodontic appliances, and mouthguards).

  • Components: impression material, trays, mixing tools, accessories.
  • Materials: alginate, PVS, and polyether.
  • Impression trays are used to hold the material during the process.
  • Mixing tools are required for preparing the impression material.
  • Accessories: syringes, adhesive materials, tray removal tools.
  • Techniques: full-arch impressions, partial impressions, bite registrations.
  • Accuracy is crucial for quality results, so you need to use the best materials.
  • Dental professionals are always trained in materials and techniques.

Dental Impression Material

  • Teeth Mold Kit Home DIY 
  • Easy at Home Impression Kit
  • Included for Retainer Grillz Aligners Dentures Molds

2. Dental cement mix

dental cement mix

Dental cement mix bonds dental restorations to teeth or other structures, ensuring stability and proper functioning.

  • Dental cement mixes have specific set times.
  • They have adhesive properties for secure bonding.
  • Selection of the appropriate Cement depends on factors like restoration material, location, esthetics, and oral health.
  • Dental professionals apply Cement using specific techniques and ratios.
  • Consult with a dental professional for specific guidance.

Cement Dental Care Kit Glue

  • Tooth Filling Kit
  • For Crowns & Bridges Filling
  • Zinc Oxide Eugenol
View on Amazon

Types of dental cement mixes include:

  • Zinc Oxide Eugenol (ZOE) Cement (temporary Cement)
  • Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) (releases fluoride)
  • Resin-based Cement (high strength, adhesive properties)
  • Zinc Phosphate Cement (strong, short working time)
  • Polycarboxylate Cement (good biocompatibility)
  • Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

3. Jewelry wax sheets

jewelry wax sheets image

Jewelry wax sheets are thin, pliable sheets made of wax and commonly used in the jewelry-creating process; here are some characteristics you should know.

  • Jewelry wax sheets are made with different types of wax, such as (carving wax or injection wax).
  • The Properties may differ (hardness, flexibility, or melting points).
  • Wax sheets are easily shaped or bent because they are highly flexible.
  • Wax sheets are available in different thicknesses, ranging from very thin to thicker.

Some functions of jewelry wax sheets:

  • Design creation: Wax sheets bring jewelry design ideas to life.
  • Carving and sculpting: Wax sheets allow for intricate design creation.
  • Mold making: Wax sheets can create molds for casting jewelry.
  • Lost wax casting: Wax patterns are used to create molds for casting.

4. Wax-cutting tool kit

The next most important kit is a wax-cutting tool, which is useful for making gold teeth. It includes various tools designed for cutting and shaping wax and creating teeth molds.

Some basic tools like (a carving knife, spatula, files, and sandpaper).


  • A variety of specialized tools
  • Includes carving knife, spatula, files, and sandpaper
  • Help to create a detailed and accurate mold.
  • Facilitates customization of gold teeth
  • Essential for achieving professional results


  • Cutting and shaping wax
  • Creating molds of teeth
  • Carving intricate designs
  • Smoothing and refining wax surfaces

5. Heat gun

heat gun

A heat gun is useful for creating gold teeth, producing a controlled stream of hot air to shape the wax and make molds.

That performs many functions and possesses; here are some properties that benefit the gold teeth manufacturing process.

You can follow the given functions and features of a heat gun:

Softening goldHigh-temperature output
Precise heatingVariable airflow
SolderingNo flame
Adaptable temperatureErgonomic design
Removing porosity

Heat Gun

  • Heavy Duty Heat Gun
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Hot Air Gun Kit with 2 Air Flow

6. Mold release spray

For making gold grillz, you need a special spray, “Mold release spray,” which is important for the dentistry process; the spray creates a protective layer between the gold and the mold and helps keep the process safe.

With the help of this type of spray, you can create great gold dentures that fit well and feel comfortable for your patients.

Prevents stickingEasy application
Easy releaseNon-stick coating
Protects mold surfaceQuick drying
Enhances detailHeat resistance
Reduces surface defectsCompatibility with materials
Repellent properties (water, etc.)

7. Melting furnace

  • A melting furnace is a game-changer for beginners in metalworking.
  • It effortlessly melts various materials and metals.
  • Creates a safe and controlled environment for heating.
  • Ideal for working with precious metals like gold and silver.
  • Ensures a smooth and efficient melting process.
  • Place materials inside and adjust temperature settings.
  • Enables pouring into molds or shaping as desired.
  • It simplifies metalworking and offers creative possibilities.

Grillz Making Equipment

The listed equipment is based on our research; according to your specific need, you can buy other useful tools and kits; this information is only for informational purposes.

For making grillz, you will need equipment such as:

Grillz making equipmentUse case
Dental impression kitCreates molds of the teeth for accurate fitting.
Vacuum formerCreates a base for the grillz.
Wax carving toolsUsed to create the wax model of the grillz.
Casting flaskHolds the wax model during the investment process.
Investment materialCreates a mold for the metal casting.
Kiln or ovenPrepares the mold for casting.
Melting furnaceMelts metal for the grillz fabrication.
Casting machineCast the metal into the mold.
Polishing toolsPolishes and refines the metal surface.
Dental cementSecures the finished Grillz onto the teeth.

Note: We are not experts in grillz-making, and again, we remind you that grillz and gold teeth-making are complicated and risky processes; consult a skilled or experienced person for more information.

Grillz making machine

Grillz-making machines are devices or equipment used to create customized dental grillz.

Grillz is a decorative, removable dental accessory that is often made from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum.

They are designed to fit over the teeth, providing a unique and fashionable look.

Here are some basic machinery:

  • Casting machines
  • CNC machines
  • 3D printers
  • Wax carving machines
  • Grind machines
  • Polishing machines

Most popular brands of grillz-making machines:

  • Apex
  • Elite
  • Grillz Master
  • K-Tek
  • Royal

If you want to learn the process of grillz making, about equipment, and how to apply them properly, then watch the video.

Wrapping up

Hope you have liked this information; if you still want to know something different, then you can comment below.

Making gold grillz is not that easy; it requires proper skills and experience and a good understanding of the equipment and machinery used on it.

Note: Before buying anything, proper experience, knowledge, expert guidance, and research are important. Also, the machine can vary in terms of complexity and features.

Some machines may be manual, requiring more hands-on work, while others may be automated; first, analyze their functions, features, pricing, and profitability to make the best buying decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out our FAQs section below to learn more.

How much does it cost to make your teeth gold?

The cost of gold teeth is around $800-$1,500, but still, the size, type of gold, location of the dentist, market demand, service cost, and other factors can depend on the actual pricing.

How long does it take to make a gold grill?

Making a gold grill is a time-consuming also complex process (taking a dental impression, creating mold, casting the gold, polishing, and fitting); the entire process can take anywhere from a few days (2-3) to a week.

What Cement is used for gold teeth?

In making gold teeth, the most common and best Cement is (glass ionomer cement). Also, other cement, like zinc phosphate cement and polycarboxylate cement, are used.

How many grams of gold are in a gold grill?

The amount of gold in a gold grill can vary, but it is typically measured in grams and can range from (1-2 grams, 3-5 grams, and 6-10 grams), depending on (small, medium, & large, thick size).

What are fake gold teeth called?

Fake gold teeth are often called grills, grillz, fronts, or golds.

What do you need to make gold teeth?

It would be best if you had some basic equipment (dental impression kit, dental cement mix, wax sheets, cutting tools, mold release spray, etc.), and you may also need some machinery and other essential tools.

Where to find the best gold teeth-making equipment?

To find the best equipment, explore (reputable dental supply companies, online retailers, and jewelry supply stores, direct from manufacturers, etc.). Additionally, conducting online research, reading customer reviews, and recommendations from dental professionals or jewelers can be important for finding reliable sources.

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